About RPIC

RPIC stands for Regional Performance and Innovation Consortium. This project is a collaboration of the State Associations within Region V and is funded by the Office of Community Services (OCS) with funds to support T/TA efforts throughout the CSBG network.

The four major focus goals of RPIC are as follows:

  1. Participating in Implementing and Meeting Organizational Standards: We will coordinate training on implementing and meeting organizational standards. We will also communicate with the State CSBG Lead Agency, national CSBG T/TA providers, and OCS staff to discuss the status of implementing and meeting organizational standards as well as any obstacles that the RPIC and CSBG-eligible entities in the region may face in this process.
  2. Participating in a ROMA Next Generation Effort: We will assist State CAA Associations and CSBG-eligible entities in analyzing community needs assessment data, setting challenging service delivery goals, identifying evidence-based and evidence-informed service plans, and documenting outcomes based on the ROMA cycle of performance management. We will also coordinate training on State ROMA Next Generation performance management efforts.
  3. Disseminating Information: We will efficiently communicate to all CSBG-eligble entities information learned through OCS, the State CSBG Lead Agency, national CSBG T/TA providers, and other national partners. We will ensure that all CSBG-eligible entities are aware of any trainings, working groups, CSBG conferences, webinars, conference calls, as well as updated national information on evidence-based and evidence-informed service approaches.
  4. Coordinating T/TA Efforts: We will coordinate T/TA efforts with State CSBG Lead Agencies and national technical assistance grantees. We will plan, organize, and communicate regional T/TA activities designed to address the collaboration, capacity-building, and exemplary practice needs of State Associations.